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Guided Relaxation

Research demonstrates the wide health benefits of relaxation, particularly in treating the causes and symptoms of stress.


Relaxation techniques are also widely recognised for improving sleep, reducing anxiety and easing pain and inflammation.


Relaxation is an important activity as part of your routine, whether at home or in the workplace.

What is Guided Relaxation?
Guided Relaxation is a safe and highly effective way to encourage the body into a deeply relaxed state. Some of the techniques Jo uses are similar to those in hypnosis treatments, but this relaxation does not induce a hypnotic state. The guided relaxation classes offer an accessible and effective experience, suitable for everyone. 
What does the session involve?

At the start of the 45 min class, Jo will ensure all attendees are comfortable, either on yoga mats (supplied) or seated in supportive chairs. Using a tailored script, Jo’s voice will guide the class to a relaxed state, using guided imagery and storytelling. Depending upon the audience, Jo may tailor towards particular themes such as deflecting stress or provide some time for self-reflection.
Where could I join a class?
Open classes - are run regularly depending upon demand.
Private classes - are run for a group of 4 or more people, from our clinic in Wallingford or your own space.
Your Workplace - As a society we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. The guided relaxation classes provide an accessible and effective experience, suitable for all your team members. 
Please contact me to discuss the classes in more detail or find out about availability.