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Stopping Smoking

If you are committed to stopping smoking, then hypnotherapy is an excellent way to help. Stop-smoking therapy takes place over two sessions, held one week apart. The first session typically lasts 90 minutes. It is a chance for me to understand your smoking habits and to look closely at the motivations for stopping that mean the most to you. You will have the opportunity to experience hypnosis at the first session, so you know what to expect the following week. Using the information about your smoking history and your hypnosis preferences, I personalise the main stop-smoking session to be the most effective it can be. The second session usually lasts for two hours. At this session we begin by exploring the effects of smoking and the benefits to you in stopping. You will then experience your personalised hypnotherapy treatment. 


The cost for the treatment is £250, which covers both sessions and an audio file which you will be given at the end of the second session. The audio file acts as a booster to top up the hypnotherapy and firmly embed some of the key messages into your subconscious.

Building Confidence and Goal Achievement

We all feel more confident in some situations than others. Sometimes our anxious thoughts take over, stopping us from achieving our goals. If you feel that a lack of confidence or anxiety is getting in the way of you achieving a personal goal, then hypnotherapy could help.


  • It could be passing your driving test. Do you feel yourself beginning to panic at the thought of the examiner testing your skills?

  • Perhaps you have an interview, speech or presentation that you need to do in front of others. Do you feel your heart start racing just at the thought of it?

  • Maybe there is a mental barrier to you achieving your sporting ambitions?


There are many life events that bring on physical or emotional responses that can be unhelpful in everyday life. This response it totally normal - it’s our in built fight-or-flight response which kicks in when we sense danger. Should we run from the perceived threat or stay and fight it? In modern day life this reaction isn’t always appropriate, and over time we can begin to fear the situation or reaction.

With hypnosis, we work together to explore how anxiety, low confidence or fear affects you in your day to day life. Together we will agree a treatment plan, which could span 6 to 8 sessions. During our sessions we work on tools to help address your physical symptoms, as well as visualising yourself achieving your goals in a calm and confident way.


Hypnotherapy can be incredibly effective for managing work stress. This is primarily because it teaches you to truly relax, which can be a very real challenge with our busy lives. Hypnotherapy allows the thinking part of your brain, which can be active continually, to calm down and relax. While your conscious mind is relaxing, your subconscious is far more receptive to new ideas and positive suggestions. This also can give your mind a chance to rest, recuperate and reorganise itself, so it is better able to recognise and respond to stress in a constructive way.


Having worked in the corporate world for 15+ years, I am well equipped to understand your work stress and help you unpick the unhelpful thought patterns. During the initial consultation we spend time exploring the emotional and physical impacts, and how it leaks into your life outside of work. Equipped with this information I can personalise your treatment aiming to change the way you respond to and experience stress. 



Many people turn to hypnotherapy simply as a way to relax and calm their mind. Working together to understand your relaxation goals, I would personalise a relaxation plan for you. During the sessions I will gently guide you to a relaxed state, allowing your mind to rest and recuperate ready to take on the future.

In addition to the 1-2-1 hypnotherapy sessions focused on relaxation, I run Guided Relaxation classes for small groups of people. This can provide an accessible and cost effective experience to add a period of deep calm to your routine. 


Managing Work Stress


Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing type of therapy. It can be used to treat a variety of presenting issues. It works by relaxing your conscious mind - the 'thinking' part of your brain which interrupts and questions you. With the 'thinking' part of your brain relaxed, the hypnotherapist can talk directly to your subconscious where your memories and learnt behaviours are stored. Talking directly to your subconscious allows the therapist to seed positive, constructive suggestions without the conscious part of the brain filtering out what is being said. Our conscious minds are very good at filtering out messages that don’t fit with our beliefs, even if rationally we know that what we believe about ourselves is not true.

The therapy itself is intended to be a pleasurable, relaxing experience and you spend most of your time just listening to the therapist as they help relax your mind. You will be asked to imagine different things while you are in a relaxed state, and occasionally answer a question or signal that you are able to imagine the scene or feeling that is being described. At any time you can open your eyes and end the relaxed state; you are in control the whole time.


At the initial consultation you will have the opportunity to experience hypnosis. If it is your first time and you are at all unsure, you will have every opportunity to ask questions and be reassured about the process we will go through. Should you decide after finding out more that you do not want to proceed with the therapy, then you are under no obligation to undertake the hypnosis itself.